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Setting up the development environment

What is ClarityTools

ClarityTools is a workbench for building smart contracts on the Stacks blockchain. It allows us to write, test and deploy Clarity smart contracts right from the browser. It's like Remix for the Stacks blockchain.

We will be using ClarityTools for the development and testing of our smart contracts.

You can visit it at

Exploring ClarityTools

When you visit the above link, you will be shown this screen.

There is just a read-only function (functions that don't cost any gas to call) called "hello" defined here which returns a string "Hello Stacks" and further, it is called, you can see the output of the function on the left side of the screen in green.

We will be covering Clarity concepts in the next level.

If you click on the hamburger icon in the top left, you will see bunch of Clarity contract examples and tutorials about Clarity, you can explore that, but it's not needed since we will be covering all that in the upcoming levels.

Setting up for deployment

To deploy the contracts right from your browser you need to connect your wallet with, to do that, just click on the "login" button in the top right corner and select the account with which you want to connect it.

Now if you click on the "Toolbox" icon in the top right corner, you should see a couple of options along with the option to deploy the contract on the testnet and the mainnet.

We are all set to write, test and deploy our contracts using ClarityTools.

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